What Students Think

IRB-Exempt Survey

13/20  Students reported that the badge grading system helped them think about taking the skills they learned in my class to their other classes

Essay questions revealed that students were transferring course concepts to other classes--suggests a place for further research

1 Student reported that the badge grading system did not help them think about taking the skills they learned in my class to other classes

Several students noted remaining confusion about the system and a few misunderstood it, but 


When asked how the system affected their willingness to work:

9/20 Students reported that the system motivates them more or as much as traditional grading systems. No one reported that it made them less likely to do the work.

10/20 Students reported that it made them feel like they had more control over their grades.

3/20 Students reported some dissatisfaction with the system. Some of these students misunderstood. But at least one student's complaints made me change how I used the system.

In an Interview

Micah* said "The grading system works well with the assignments."

When asked whether this system helps them apply course concepts, Micah answered that it makes him think about what he needs to do to get the right grade.

Micah reported another class in the same semester that used another alternative grading system that he perceived as similar to digital badges--that system uses "creative points."

When asked about the downsides of the system, Micah mentioned that he was concerned that he didn't know where he stood in the class.

After the interview, I made a folder on our class Blackboard for all of the class badges so that students could keep track of all they had earned easier.

*Names have been changed.

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